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Powder coating

Description of the method

Powder coating is about applying a dry powder on a chemically pretreated metal. Dry powder is applied electrostatically or electrokinetically. The powder molecules in an electrostatic gun are sprayed toward the grounded object.

Powder coating is the most effective metal coating method. Unlike wet coating, powder coating creates smooth surfaces which are uniform and do not have cracks and bubbles. Thanks to these characteristics this method is used in protective painting as well as decorative painting of metal objects. One of the greatest advantages of this method is that various types of coatings can be used with it.

Painted elements are cured under heat at 200°C. In this temperature a coating is melted and formed. Normally the powders cure for about 20 minutes (it depends on the temperature). Coating thickness is from 60 to 120 microns. 

Powder coatings do not need base layer. They can be used as anti-corrosion protection. Such coatings have very good mechanical characteristics and high resistance to chemicals. Thermal resistance of such a coating is around 100 °C.

EFFECTOR S.A. offers the following powder coating services:

  • Powder coating with surface pretreatment by means of passivation which gives better quality than chromate conversion coating.

According to EU directives, chromate conversion coating, which has a considerable negative environmental impact, will be replaced by passivation and pre-anodizing.

  • Powder coating with pre-anodizing

This method is used more and more often due to the fact that it offers additional anti-corrosion protection. It is particularly useful in aluminium systems in public buildings as well as in corrosive environments e.g. swimming pools.

We use only top quality powder coatings produced by the best companies. EFFECTOR S.A. offers a full range of RAL colours.  

Moreover, we use coatings proposed by customers.